Healthy Fox is the right place for you…

With more than 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry! We will provide you with a training program to suit your needs. 

We pride ourselves on making FRESH workouts each and every week rather than running the same tired workouts all the time, after all, variety is the spice of life.

Sarah Lally

"I've been training with Harley for over a year now and I find his boxing classes are always fun, motivating and rewarding. You learn proper technique, get an awesome workout and pick up a variety of exercises that you can incorporate into any fitness regime. It's definitely worth it if you want to improve your overall fitness!"

Sarah Lally, Brisbane QLD

Brett Andreassen

"Having been a client of Harleys for the past few months, I have really enjoyed the flexibility and the tracking that using the Healthy Fox system has brought me. From the ability to communicate in app, and track the progress of my results, to watching the indepth videos of how to do the exercise correctly (particularly useful when you are shattered after a massive set), nothing has been missed in the goal towards ensuring you are fully looked after."

Brett Andreassen, Brisbane QLD

Denis Neidhart

"A massive thank you to Healthy Fox Fitness for another awesome / brutal eight weeks of bootcamp training. This is the third time I have participated in the Spartan eight week challenge and Harley continues to surprise and push the limits getting more than the best out of all of us. Sessions are always exciting, not knowing what to expect next but aware you will be pushed beyond what you thought possible."

Denis Neidhart, Brisbane QLD

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