Have you met the Foxes yet?

No, well if being a healthier, happier and more confident version of you is important, then maybe you should. Let me introduce Harley Fox and Valerie Fox.

‘We have been in the Fitness and Health Industry for over 6 years now, as a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist and we believe in all the benefits being active and therapeutic touch provide. We have built the Healthy Fox lifestyle over the last years. Our quality of life and happiness have dramatically improved at so many levels: self-confidence, health, energy, immune system, stress level, having an amazing positive effect on our relationship. This is how it started! We created the Healthy Fox lifestyle for us and we now want to share it and help people to feel the same way’.

Your mind and body are the best assets you possess. Look after them!

After starting their own family, adding a mini Fox to the clan, the fitness professionals created their very own business so they could live the lifestyle they truly believed in with a balance between work, family and of course a healthy way of life.

Meet baby Lilou Fox:

Although this little fox is only one year old, she is already living the Healthy Fox lifestyle accompanying her mum and dad to the park for work-outs on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables. She doesn’t mind the odd back rub either.

Nurturing the body is a lifelong commitment so why not start right now and become a Healthy Fox!

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